With 20 years’ experience in mineral exploration and environmental applications, Kate is our Principal Geophysicist. Kate has work experience throughout Australia and overseas in exploration and evaluation for a range of commodities, including base and precious metals, sulphide-nickel, porphyry copper-gold, uranium, coal, geothermal and CSG. She specialises in the processing of new and historical geophysical and remotely sensed data to enhance subtle features and enjoys working with the client to get the most out of existing datasets. Kate is extremely talented at 3D unconstrained and constrained modelling of potential field data. She also as experience in the application and interpretation of geophysical methods for hydrological studies.

Recent Projects

  • Historical geophysical data compilation (including magnetics, gravity, IP, DHEM and CSAMT) and 3D visualisation, assessment and target identification at project scale, Central NSW.
  • Implementation, QC and 2D / 3D inversion modelling of IP surveys in Central NSW and QLD.
  • Processing and 2D/ 3D inversion modelling and subsequent enhancement of IP data acquired in Africa.
  • Openfile data compilation, image enhancement and evaluation, regional interpretation and new survey design (gravity and magnetics) to assist Qld coal exploration projects.
  • Implementation, QC and modelling / interpretation of regional VTEM data and design of follow-up ground surveys in NSW.
  • Enhancement of radiometric and magnetic data to produce a suite of products to assist geological mapping, with a focus on uranium exploration in NT.
  • Planning, QA/QC, processing, modelling and target delineation of SAM /SAMSON datasets in QLD and NSW.
  • Modelling and interpretation of an airborne gravity survey for CSG exploration in New Zealand.
  • Identification and subsequent modelling (3D inversion modelling of gravity and magnetic data) of targets within NW QLD Restricted Areas (RA), including data compilation GIS packages for QLD Govt.

  • Broad based geophysical experience including field acquisition, QA/QC, data processing, interpretation and modelling in various geological terrains.
  • Integration of geophysical datasets with geological, hydrological and remotely sensed data for review and target generation.
  • Regional and in-mine interpretation.
  • 2D and 3D visualisation, GIS, data and image processing involving both greenfields and advanced projects

  • MEngSc (Hydrogeology), University of NSW (2003)
  • BSc (Hons) Geophysics, University of Sydney (1996)
  • Active Member of ASEG